Always at the leading edge of innovation

Inter Protection SA was founded in 1989 in Unterengstringen (ZH) and is based in Cugy (VD), north of Lausanne, with a branch in Berne. Roben Ohanessian, Founder and General Manager, is in charge of Sales. His wife, Valik Ohanessian manages a team of 12 employees and is in charge of Administration, Human Resources and Marketing.

Upon its creation, Inter Protection SA was the first company to propose services in the field of pipe restoration in French-speaking Switzerland. Today, Inter Protection is ranked number one and is leading the pipe restoration market.

At the leading edge of innovation, Mr. Ohanessian, founder and owner of CEC-System™, has been continuously improving the process used for internal pipe treatment and coatings. He has developed a new pipe restoration technique covered by patents (CH698397B1 andCH698398B1 which allowed the perfection of the CEC-System™. Inter Protection SA holds a licence in Switzerland for this system. Inter Protection SA holds a license in Switzerland for this system. In parallel, he developed the composition of a new resin, called CEC epoxy.


Pipe Restoration is always a matter of trust

Inter Protection SA has been active in the French-speaking region of Switzerland since 1989 and is the leader in Pipe Restoration of all kinds (water, gas, heating). We have acquired a licence for the CEC-System™ that is valid in Switzerland. This system applies to a recently developed pipe restoration process officially approved at international scale and covered by patents (CH698397B1 and CH698398B1). Inter Protection SA holds a licence to use this process in Switzerland. For the interior coating of the pipes we make use of a resin. By virtue of this innovating treatment, we protect pipes from the inside and offer a clean, fast and efficient long-term solution.

Stands For

Inter Protection SA stands for :
  • Experience: more than 20 years of business in French-speaking Switzerland
  • A patented and officially approved system: international acknowledgement
  • Clean and fast work: an advantageous investment
  • Efficient long-term treatment: 15 years warranty
  • A process free from chemical agents: a plus for the environment


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