The CEC-System™ is an innovative treatment that allows existing pipes to be rehabilitated, without having to replace them. By appraising quality after each stage of the work, it provides a seamless lining over the entire inner surface of the pipes treated. The CEC-System™ uses a new pipe restoration technique developed and patented by Mr Roben Ohanessian (CH698397B1 and CH698398B1).

Three-stage process:

  1. Cleaning and drying of the pipes by a flow of hot compressed air.
  2. Mechanical cleaning of the inner wall of the pipes by the injection of pressurized air mixed with quartz sand.
  3. Coating of the inner walls with a very fine layer of the CEC epoxy resin.

The CEC-System™ is a solution that is:

  • Fast: the work is done at least 3 times faster than “conventional” rehabilitation
  • Clean: the treatment acts inside the pipes and consequently requires no demolition, therefore no dust and no sound inconvenience
  • Comfortable: the premises can still be lived/worked in during the treatment work.
  • Advantageous: the speed and efficiency of the process allows savings of up to 75% compared with “conventional” rehabilitation
  • Efficient: the treatment carries a 15 years warranty